QDR Wednesday PM Group Training Session: St. John’s Track

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This event finished on 04 January 2023

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Leader: Nancy Silva
Meet up spot and bag check: St. John’s Track, Union Turnpike & 171st St
Time: 6:30 pm
Distance: 5/11 Two Options. Short distance trainers: 4×200 , 4×400, 4×200 with 200 recovery between 200s and 400 recovery between sets and the 400s, Long distance trainers: 8×800 with 400 recovery.

5/4 Two Options. Short distance trainers: 6x1K (2.5 loops) at your 10K pace with 400 recovery. Long distance trainers: 4×200, 6x1K (2.5 loops) at your 10K pace, 4×200 with 400 recovery for the 1Ks and 200 recovery for the 200s.

4/27 Two Options. Short distance trainers: 12×200. Long distance trainers: 16×200. Recovery is 200 for all.

4/20 Workout is 3x (600, 1000, 400) Recovery is 1min per rep and 3min per set.

4/13 Two Options. Short: 4×200, 8×400 (with 200m kick), 4×200 Recovery: 200. Long: 4×200, 10×400 (with 200m kick), 4×200 Recovery: 200.

4/6 Two options. Short distance trainers: 6×600 with 90-120secs standing rest. Long distance trainers: 10×600 with 90-120secs standing rest.

3/30 There are two options. For those training for a short distance race the workout is 8×200 with 200 recovery. For those training for a long distance race (Half Marathon or greater) the workout is 12×400 with 1 minute standing recovery. Please remember to move to the outside of the track for your recovery.

3/23 Workout is 4×200, 6×800, 4×200. Recovery is 200 rest between 200s and 400 rest between 800s and sets.

3/16 Workout is 16×200

3/9 Our track tour continues! Meetup at St. John’s track this week. Workout is 4×100 (with 300 recovery) and then 20×200 (with 200 recovery). See you there!

3/2 Relocating to Victory Field track while we continue to look into track options for northeast Queens. Workout is a 5K time trial for those who still need/want to complete theirs OR 4 sets of 200/400/200 with 200 recovery between reps and 400 recovery between sets.

2/23 Relocating to Roy Wilkins track while we look into track options for northeast Queens. Workout is 2×400, 800, Mile, 800, 2×400. Recovery is 200 for the first of the 400s and 400 recovery for the rest.

2/16 Speed to Endurance Transition Time! One set of 200/400/200, then one MILE at faster than 5k pace, and then one set of 200/400/200. Recovery is 200 between the reps and 400 between the sets. Target pace for the sets: faster than 5k pace/5k pace/mile pace.

2/9 Workout is 16×200 with 200 recovery. Metronome Threshold – maintaining the the same high-ish pace for all 16 reps.

2/2 Postponed due to snow 🙁 See you next week.

1/26 4×100 (80% all out) with 300 recovery, 4×200 (no set pace, just run hard) with 200 super slow recovery, 4×400 (mile pace). 400 recovery between sets.

1/19 Are you a sprinter or better at stamina? Sprinters Special: 8×100. Stamina Special: 4x (100/200/100)

1/12 Workout is 16×200 with 200 recovery.

1/5 Workout is 4 Sets of 200/400/200. Very slow 200 jog between reps and 400 between sets. The first 200 of each set should be a warmup for the 400, the 400 should be at near 5k pace, the 2nd 200 should be near mile pace. Each set should be faster than the previous one.

12/29 Last of the 8x200s. This time keeping it steady throughout each 200, no kick. First two 200 should be the slowest. Next four 200 faster, but not fastest. Seventh 200 hold back a tiny bit. Last 200: All out effort! Let’s get it!

Following completion of the workout, we will conclude with Push-ups to hammer in the gains!

See you on Wednesday!