Code of Conduct

Queens Distance Runners operates by the following Code of Conduct. We ask our members to read, understand, and live by the following:

  • Behave sensibly and with consideration and respect for others at all times. The diversity of Queens is the core of our strength: we ask that our members conduct themselves in a manner that ensures a welcoming, respectful, and comfortable environment for all, regardless of ability, background, age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Behave in a manner that is safe and does not put themselves or others at risk of physical harm or legal liability.
  • Always show respect and appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to help out within the club and/or at events.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated. Never make unwanted verbal, sexual or physical contact, or threats of contact, with others. Refrain from abusive and vulgar language.
  • Comments made on our social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and website – should not be abusive, offensive or derogatory and if they are, the leadership reserves the right to delete these types of postings and exclude the author.
    • We recognise that many runners make use of their social media in a personal and/or professional capacity. While they may not be acting directly on behalf of QDR, members must be aware that they could risk damaging our reputation if these are not appropriate. All members are therefore requested to ensure that they continue to recognise and respect this.
  • Always abide by race rules and engage in fair competition, which includes but is not limited to policies regarding performance altering substances, the sale or transfer of race bibs, course cutting, or other means of gaining a competitive advantage that is considered cheating.
    • Additionally, abide by COVID-19 or other medical-related policies which are in place by race organizations.

Members are asked to immediately report any inappropriate actions or behaviors in writing, to the QDR leadership.