QDR Member Fundraising

There are many teammates in Queens Distance who are raising money for charity and organizations that help provide many services in Queens and NYC. No amount is too little because any amount helps.

QDR Athletes:

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For general information about each organization, please check out:

Finally, read Mauricio Blandio’s 2018 story on how Achilles and fundraising have helped him throughout the recent years:

Mauricio’s Achilles Campaign — Help Runners with Disabilities to Meet Their Goals! I don’t know where I’d be had I not found Achilles. My introduction to Achilles was an important part of my rehabilitation. As an individual living with a brain injury, joining Achilles helped me to improve on my physical, cognitive and vestibular deficits. The community experience (both socializing and running) showed me that I was on the right path. Without realizing at first what was happening, I slowly found how my symptoms began to improve. New friendships with athletes and guides aided the recovery process. This encouraged me to push myself harder and further than ever. Pushing myself to the limit in training was a tall order and overcoming the physical symptoms of a brain injury is not an easy task. The support and dedication I received from my volunteer guides played a crucial part in overcoming these struggles and setting new goals. The camaraderie of the Achilles community and the motivation and support I received from them encouraged me to take on the new challenges put in front of me. Achilles Founder, Dick Traum, summed it up best when he said, “Achilles shows the power of micro communities – tight-knit groups of like-minded people who can empower individuals to achieve the unimaginable.” My first endeavour was my first ever 5k — the Race For Rehab in Valhalla, NY. Being in rehabilitation myself, I jumped at the opportunity sign up. I knew it would be a challenge, so I trained for several months. On race day, I lined up and found myself mainstreaming with athletes of all skill levels at the starting line. When the starting gun went off, so did I. I applied myself and gave it my all knowing how excited I was to be taking on this new venture. The energy and adrenaline was overpowering and the motivation from the crowds lifted me to my first finish line. Finishing this race helped me see how important a role physical activity and socialization played in the recovery process — not just me but for any individual in recovery. From that day forward, I wanted to prove myself. It made me see new doors could be opened and new adventures could be found. Achilles gave me the opportunity to see this and has allowed me to seek and discover a new set of athletic skills sets and helped me to create a new platform. Through this new found confidence and with the help of these wonderful new friendships I went on to tackle bigger challenges in both races and in my personal life. With Achilles, I overcame physical challenges and took on races of all distances, including 10ks, half marathons, and a truly unforgettable experience when I completed the TCS NYC Marathon! This inspired me to motivate myself as an athlete and take on the challenges of the Chicago and Queens Marathons and to conquer the biggest race them all — The 2018 Boston Marathon. Not to be outdone, I also took on the NYC Triathlon! Now, with the help of Achilles, I feel confident about pushing myself day in and day out. Please help me to help Achilles so that others may meet their goals and discover how physical fitness — regardless of one’s skill level — can help them to improve their lives. Just as it did mine. Go Achilles!