The QDR Founders

Kevin Montalvo – CEO, Race Director, Founder

This native of Jackson Heights known for having infectious energy anywhere he goes, Kevin began running officially in 2010, signing up for the 1st race that caught his eye, the 60K. Only two years later, he finished the same 60k in 8th place and was already planning on creating a team that put attention on Queens. Since then, he has decided to focus more on shorter distances and hone in on his speed and every now and then loves to revisit popular running routes to stay in touch with his borough and team. Kevin has always dreamed of bringing recreational running events to his beloved borough and starting a competitive running team, culminating in “The Inaugural Queens Marathon” in April of 2016. His PR’s include a 17:39 5k, 1:20:20 Half Marathon, and 3:01:41 Marathon. His QDR Codename is: El Capitan.

Maria Wong – Treasurer, Graphic Design, Co-Founder

Born on the Lower East Side, Maria has been active since childhood and has revisited running since 2011. Starting off as a recreational runner, it was only recently that she began to race. 2014 was her groundbreaking year as she notched PR’s at just about every distance including a 5:57 Mile, 1:29:55 Half Marathon, and 3:24 Marathoner. Kevin and Maria have teamed up in bringing a competitive racing team to Queens to life! Her running style matches her attitude, relaxed and poised. She is the kind of runner that will zip past you on a hill late in a race. Her codename is: Zen Master

Edwin Guzman – IT/Developer, Co-Founder

Longtime resident of Corona and Jr. High School classmate of Kevin, Edwin has also had an active background, especially as an older brother living near gorgeous Flushing Meadows Park. Edwin has been running since his late teens and luck had him and Kevin enter the same college where both would occasionally work out and talk about running and the rest is history! His running is smooth and calm even when running fast.
His codename is: Ed The Calm