Group picture of about 60 members in Central Park.

This basis of our Membership is FREE of charge! We believe that your commitment to the organization suffices as a contribution. You benefit from being a part of our team, and we benefit from having you on our team.

Sign up for a general membership through this QDR Membership form.

The Queens Distance Runners club exists to help athletes improve their distance running through training focused in Queens. Our borough features some of the biggest public parks in the city and long paths that extend into different neighborhoods. QDR members are highly diverse and we expect members to be team players who take an active part in both the training and social life of the club.

*If you have any questions relating to your Membership, email us at

General Member

Benefits include:

  • Networking capabilities with Queens natives
  • Receiving current news on developments via our newsletter.
  • Having the opportunity to run with our QDR: Neighborhood Runs, spread across Queens.
  • 15% Discount off Running Warehouse online shopping! (Inquire for the code as it is not meant to be distributed. Consequences of distribution leads to termination of membership)
  • Discounted rates for race photography (Must be officially affiliated as a Queens Distance Runners member)
  • Discounted rates for events produced by Queens Distance Runners

Note: If you submit an incomplete application, you will not receive active membership.

Queens Distance Runners Member Plus+ 

Purchase Member Plus+ Here.

As of October 1st, 2019, we have unveiled our dynamic add-on to our general membership, Queens Distance Runners Member Plus+. In our five years of encouraging “Bringing Runners to Queens, and Queens to Runners”, we have strengthened relationships with dozens of eateries and institutions that have explored willingness to offer discounts to QDR Member Plus+ throughout the course of the year. In addition, Member Plus+ recipients will receive an extended discount to Queens Distance Runners produced events.

Once you fill out a general membership form, you may purchase a QDR Member Plus+.

Queens Distance Runners Membership FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do I need to live in Queens to become a member?
    • Not at all, many of our teammates live in Brooklyn and some of our members extend to the far reaches of New Jersey! We even have a member in Alaska! 
  • I run for another running club but I wish to fill out a membership so I can get discounts to QDR race events. Is that allowed?
    • That’s allowed! 
  • I want to become a member and affiliate myself with QDR, but if I don’t race well will I hurt the team score?
    • No! Become a member and affiliate yourself with our team! Points races are scored by the team’s fastest 5 Women and Men in club points races for New York Road Runners (NYRR).
  • Does signing up for a membership mean I am now affiliated with QDR for NYRR races?
    • Nope! As we put together race events and outings Queens-wide, we have several members of different clubs that are members of QDR to receive informational material and benefits mentioned above. If you wish to be affiliated with QDR for NYRR races, simply email that you wish to do so.
  • Is there a difference between the Queens Distance Runners Organization Facebook Page and Group Discussion? Which is which and how do I join the Group Discussion?
    • We have two separate Facebook accounts: a Page that we use for general announcements to the General Public that is connected to our Twitter and Instagram, and a Group Discussion where members communicate with one another. Once you complete your application for Membership, send a “Join Group” request at this link and you will be confirmed. Please note that everyone in our Facebook Group has filled out a QDR Membership Form.