Member Plus

Since our inception in 2013, it has been our mission to introduce ourselves to the running community representing Queens, and as runners to the Queens Community.

Through building and fostering relationships for years across our borough, and beyond, we are pleased to present to you, Queens Distance Runners Member Plus (QDR+ for short), the extra mile in perks for both running and lifestyle in Queens.

Current and prospective members can still opt for a free membership! If no action is taken, your membership will continue to carry on. We are true to the belief that members and runners contribute their time to our experience and movement. As we have received several generous donations and requests to implement a pay-for membership, we thought we would set one up, under the condition that it is beneficial and will grow upon the foundation we have set up.

Through an Individual annual fee of $40 per year ($60 for a Family package), Queens Distance Runners Member Plus comes with a set of perks. Your membership will help finance our annual budget, race events, and the Kids of Queens!

As a QDR Member Plus, you will enjoy the following:

  • Enhanced discount at Queens Distance Runners race events
  • Enhanced discount for the Annual Queens Marathon and QDR Half.
  • Deferral and direct transfer for the Queens Marathon/QDR Half
  • 25% Discount to the QDR New Balance Online Store
  • Discounts and promotions towards restaurants and institutions across Queens.
  • Complimentary medal engraving for any three of your previous races. (*Limit Three Per Calendar Year*)

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