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B.O.A. Chicago Marathon 2019

From Berlin we made our way to Chicago for the second World Marathon Major of the 2019 Fall season! What an exciting weekend it was for all of us. With over 30 runners, and even more friends and family members, Queens Distance was well represented in the Windy City. This year’s weather fared so well for the runners that many achieved big PRs, one more star closer to completing the six World Marathon Majors, and one more city to tick of the marathon bucket list.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Chicago! From meeting up at the expo, to eating together, there were plenty of events to meet up. Since everyone flies into the city at different dates, with different time schedules, it is hard to coordinate. We’ve been told “sorry” before when teammates go to a race but cannot meet for events. Remember that there are no obligations to meet up. Doing the best to your ability is all we ask!

Chicago Team

There were many, many big PRs this year in Chicago. Yes, the 30+ runners who participated in the 5K and the Marathon put in all the work but let’s not forget the supportive friends and family who came to Chicago! Running a marathon is an amazing accomplishment and that feeling is better when shared with everyone who has supported you through the training, through the bad races, through the PRs, through trying new nutrition or new workouts, they know everything you’ve gone through to make it this far.

This year’s QDR cheer stations were held at the same spots as last year but many went to their own spots to cheer for their loved one. This is fine and encouraged because it helped the runners; there were more chances to hear all the “Go Queens Distance!” shouts on the course. Sometimes, however, it may be hard to spot and take pictures of everyone. Take it from Mike Bocchinfuso who said

1. Cheering and supporting our FAM (and all runners) is a lot of fun and the smiles, seeing your crew cheese for photos, etc, are totally worth it. It’s definitely worth coming out if you can.
2. Tracking multiple runners AND handling photography is TOUGH. I have a new level of respect for the work that Albert and Jose put into their race photos that we get. Not that I got photos anywhere near their quality, nor did I put in the work they do, but I appreciate even more what they do even more now as Horse and Duck.

As hard as it may be, we will be there cheering for you! Not only is it fun, but it’s one of the most inspiring things you can do.

International Chicago 5K

First up for the weekend was the International Chicago 5K. This 5K is similar to the NYRR Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K as it celebrates all the countries who have participants in the Marathon. It’s one of those events where you see a lovely mix of culture in an athlete’s attire; one runner from Australia had an inflatable kangaroo on her back, a group of Japanese runners had cute anthropomorphic pineapples on their heads, and many had flags of their countries as capes.

For our teammates, many ran it as a shakeout for the Marathon. That means two medals for the weekend and a gorgeous beanie souvenier. Others raced it, like Edwin who cracked the top 10 overall in 17:10 and coming very close to a PR.


Get this, we had 30+ Queens Distance members run the Chicago Marathon! For a race outside of NYC, that’s incredible. Many teammates we spoke to were inspired by last year’s Chicago Marathon and wanted to have a go at it. For others, it was another chance at running it from deferring it last year. And for some it was their first marathon in a long time. We can only imagine the nerves everyone had leading up to the race!

Put in the work and the goals will be achieved! Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend, whether it was a 5k, a half, or a marathon. Here we have three athletes who all had incredible PRs at @chimarathon. Johnathan achieved a cumulative personal best of 31 minutes with Berlin and Chicago! Marie came in 20th overall female with a new PR of 2:36! Diana achieved a 29 minute personal best since the NYC Marathon last year! We love reading all the stories from everyone so please share! Even “bad” races bring experience, grit, and motivation for the next race. The grind doesn’t stop! #queensdistance #queensdistancetravels #chicagomarathon #26point2 #marathoners #medalmonday #mondaymotivation

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Last year, the Chicago Marathon was a humid and rainy race. We know very well how those conditions can affect a race, just ask the three QDR co-founders who ran the race together (both Edwin and Kevin helping pace Maria). But this year, the weather was in everyone’s favored as it was a chilly and clear morning.

Every marathon is a new experience. If this training block wasn’t perfect, it was very close to it. Although summer was rough and I did not quite accomplish everything I wanted to, I put in all the miles, completed some stellar workouts, raced faster than ever, and was 100% healthy throughout. Race day weather was perfect, I just had to capitalize. Goal: 2:36:xx I was VERY nervous. I did not want to mess it all up. I hadn’t ran a marathon in a little while and did not want to disappoint anyone or myself. The race was never easy although it did not get really hard until mile 21. I focused on trusting myself and tucking in behind guys on the windy portions (thank you 🤗). Then I just worked one mile at a time. The pace was still clicking, something beautiful was unfolding. The last 2km were not so pretty, and will be remembered as very brutal. My quads were completely destroyed. But we made it. 1:18:13/1:18:10 I have never been someone to force a pace, but rather embrace trusting myself running with the mentality “If it feels right, it is right”. I am not sure I can ever run a better even split. 😅 2:36:23 4+min PR 20th overall 3rd fastest French (Female) Marathon in 2019 Another huge step in the right direction and 110% confident that there is a lot more in the tank. Thank you all for the support, cheers, and sweet congratulatory messages. You make this journey so much more special 💕💗 #FasterTogether #ChicagoMarathon #FasterThanMyHusband #QueensDistance #ChasingADream

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Marie-Ange Brumelot led the team coming in 20th place overall female with a time of 2:36:23! This is the fastest Marathon in QDR Women’s history and also the second fastest overall QDR Marathon time! It was a spectacular performance we will not forget and we know there’s more in the horizon from Marie and her husband, Coach Luciano Medina. 

Just as amazing were all the other races. There were so many PRs that day; some by a few minutes and some by more than 30 minutes! Not everyone runs for a specific time goal, however, as a few were unfortunately pestered with injuries in the past months. We’re very glad to see that they are now healthier to complete the marathon without further hurting themselves. And, of course, some ran this race as a long run for other upcoming races!

Completed my 3rd marathon overall and it was the best one yet! Next up hopefully Berlin! 🤞🏽 All I wanted to do was break my previous marathon time of 5:10:18. My goal was to get under 5 hours and I ended up getting even closer to 4:30 at 4:31:45. Thank you to everyone who made this possible especially @wingsie for coming for this short weekend to stand in the windy, cold weather to support me and to watch me past her by. Thanks to @wingsie, @nancyyv12 and @itsktw for cheering us all on and chasing us to 3-4 stops. You guys are the real champions, you did your own race! Thank you to @queensdistance for all the pre-marathon training and the support out on the course. Congrats to all the finishers especially @raycv322 and @fiya_at_will on your PRs! Not 1:59:40, but close enough! 🤣 . . . . . #chimarathon #chicagomarathon #chicagomarathon2019 #jetwithdjwingsie #marathon #marathonfinisher #medalmonday #marathonmonday #queensdistancerunners #queensdistance #running #runforbling #motivationmonday

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Laura Pisani even ran for two as she announced to everyone that she and Joseph are expecting a baby! What a wonderful way toannounce such a joyful life event.

#chicagomarathon Had our hearts full and I can’t deny it… I am still getting teary eyed!!! It was a day we will NEVER forget. There was no better way to announce that baby girl Betancourt will be coming in April than with both mommy and daddy PRing today!!! 21 mins PR for me, 10 for Joey and so so so much love from the crowd with these bibs from @race2remember !!! So much love from the teammates, friends and family… will be probably gushing indefinitely about this, but now it’s time for shower and nap!!! This #badassmotherrunner is TIREEEEED!!! 😴 👶 ❤️#nohumanislimited – – – @nyrr @queensdistance #pregnancyannouncement #pregnant #tcsnycmarathon #bestoftheday #runners #run #fitmama #marathon #marathontraining #runhappy #runchat #NYRR #runnerscommunity #igrunners #womenrunning #runitfast #runner #runnerspace #fitfluential #runnerslife #runlikeagirl #runtoinspire #runnerspace #fitfam #fitness #fitfamily #runnersofinstagram #runchat #getouttorun

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We really love seeing everyone’s achievement and send everyone a huge congratulations on such a phenomenal day!

Full B.O.A. Chicago Marathon Roster:

Ana Soto
Brian Wysocki
Cannigia Laluw
Chinedu Ogueri
Christine Nasol
Cinthya Sandoval
Daryl Valerio
David Dominguez
Deki Yangzom
Denny Moran
Diana Wong
Ellen Hoo
Gloria Morales
James Liu
Jeff Munoz
Jenny Hwang
John Pierre
Johnathan Tom
Jonela Mola
Jordan Lee
Josep Betancourt
Katrine Stroyberg
Kieran Garvey
Laura Pisani
Marie-Ange Brumelot
Michale McCaffery
Nancy Silva
Ray Valderrama
Roy Menendez
Sara Lee
Victor Kyi
Wiliam Wong

See you next year in Chicago!
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