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April 2019 Recap

We cannot put into words the excitement we went through this past month. The anticipation for April put us on edge. When we finally reach our own individual event, we made the most of it by giving it everything we had. And we witnessed that from our teammates! From D.C., to Boston, to our very own backyard at Flushing Meadow Park, we witnessed grit and perseverance that kept us motivated and looking forward to what the rest of 2019 has for us. Let’s take look and make sure to take a look at the list of events at the end of the post!

Race Guides

Starting with the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile and 5K Run, we created race guides meant to aggregate important race logistics, course strategy, and city attractions for our teammates. Since then, we have created more guides for the Boston Marathon, the Queens Marathon, and the Broad Street 10 Miler.

Although we will have more guides for local NYRR races, our hope is to have guides for races outside of NYC as well. What makes these guides standout is that they are written by our teammates who have previous experience with the race or knowledge of the city (which can be a new city to explore for many!).

Check out our race guides!

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile & 5K Run-Walk

Just from the first weekend in April, Queens Distance raced all over. Teammates represented in Illinois, Missouri, D.C., and, of course, in local NYC races. Co-founder Edwin wrote about his experience at the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and we hope you enjoy his training and mentality going into the race that earned him a 57:27 PR time. 

Boston Marathon

No time to rest! The following weekend was yet another big weekend with races that ranged from the 5K distance to 50 miles. I’m sure by know you may have guessed who ran that 50 miler at Lake Sonoma! Read more about his race on his personal site.


This weekend also saw one teammate run abroad in Serbia! For a list of races during that weekend and a recap of the Boston Marathon, check out our blog post on the 123rd Boston Marathon. It truly was a moment many of us won’t forget. Big thanks to Albert Tan of Horse and Duck Photo for going all the way to Boston to take amazing pictures of our teammates!

4th Annual Queens Marathon: RRCA New York State Marathon Championships

What an absolutely amazing day! We took over Flushing Meadows Park for a day full of volunteers and marathoners racing loops for different goals. We’ll have a separate race recap post for this race because we need to cover so many details that went into making the Queens Marathon a success for another year.

Until that recap is published, we’d like to thank all our volunteers who came out, especially the bike pacers, the volunteer leaders who took the initiative to coordinate different sections of the park, and the logistics and operation team who made the event run smoothly.


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The 4th Annual Queens Marathon was magical this morning thanks to all the volunteers who helped! From 6AM until 2PM, these fine folks motivated and helped runners achieve their best. We heard from multiple runners how motivating and high-spirited the volunteers were so a huge thanks to everyone who was out there in the Start, Closing, and All-Day shifts! • Big thanks to the bike pacers who kept runners on track! And Gabor for leading them! • Give it up to your volunteer leads! We had @tearlessretina leading the all the Fluid Stations, @jonarunsthecity leading the North section, @ashleyn1650 leading the East, @anngoldie leading the South, @jinx197 leading the West, and David leading the Core. • We also had @honus67 as the Main Announcer all day! And big thanks to all the work from @mwmaria, @algorhythm19, and Operations Manager and Assistant @notmichol and @vikmanjj ! • Much, much more to come! 💛 📷 @horseandducksports !! #queesmarathon #theworldiswaiting #flushingmeadowpark #bq #marathon #volunteers #dreamteam #teamwork

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London, Big Sur, & New Jersey Marathon

We completed April with even more marathons! Huge congrats to everyone who ran this past month. For the last week in April: Nicole ran the London Marathon and is closer to becoming a World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher; Christine and Nick ran the hilly Big Sur Marathon; and we had a small team right across the river at the New Jersey Half composed of Zein, David, and Ashley. We are very pleased with Ashley’s performance as she Qualified for Boston! The previous week she volunteered all day at the Queens Marathon as a Volunteer Lead. It goes to show that the work you put into the team also helps you reach your goals.


Horse and Duck Photo

The team composed of Albert Tan and Jose Donado have a new site with many gorgeous pictures of our teammates at many events. Check them out!



Group Runs

Keep an eye out on our site’s calendar as well as on Strava for more group runs and training sessions. Make sure to also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and news!

Queens Distance


Here’s a list of events this past April, 2019 (pictures courtesy of various team members):

2 – QDR Tuesday Afternoon Group Run- Rockaway Brewery Social Run! Up Vernon Blvd and Back!

4 – QDR Thursday Track Session: Queensborough Community College

5 – Club Fair at NYRR Run Center

6 – President Lincoln’s Half (Springfield, IL)


    3rd Annual 5k at the Bay Fun Run (Guardians of Flushing Bay)

7- Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler & 5K Run-Walk


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Congratulations to our top male in the #CUCB2019 5K Run-Walk, Jose Donado of New York, NY! Donado finished with a time of 18:24. Photo credit: Bob Mallet

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Queens Marathon Long Training Run #12 Marathon Pace Effort – The Perimeter

Delmar Dash 5 Miler

St Louis Marathon weekend (10K)

Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 4 Mile

8- QDR Monday Evening Group Run: Central Park – Send off for Caroline

10 –QDR Wednesday Morning Track Session: Juniper Park Track

11 – QDR Thursday Track Session: Queensborough Community College

12 – QDR Friday Night Run – Kessel Run

13 – B.A.A. 5k, Boston

    NYCRuns Queens Half

    Helderberg Half

    Lake Sonoma 50, California

    QDR Saturday Morning Group Run: Forest Park Extended Loop

14 – Marathon Training #13

    Rutgers Unite Half Marathon

    Shakeout Run for Boston Marathon


    Shape Women’s Half

    Paris Marathon

    JFK Runway 5K

    Atlantic City Half

    Belgrade Half, Serbia

    Spartan race

    Riverside Dash 15k

15- Boston Marathon


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@bostonmarathon this was my 7th marathon and first time running Boston. The goal was to finish the race no matter how hard or painful could be. I was lucky to have one of teammates @danny.ocean working together from 1-17miles. This race is totally different from my other races the crowd and the support from my team made me stronger and motivated me to keep running útil the finish. / Esta fue 7timo maratón y primera vez que corro Boston. Me sentí afortunado de haber corrido con uno de mis compañeros del equipo @danny.ocean lo cual estuvimos compartiendo la milla 1 asta 17. Está carrera fue totalmente diferente que las demás que había echo ya que con el apoyo de la gente y del apoyo de mi equipo me hizo fortalecer y también me motivó a terminar esta carrera. Pic #3/ @horseandducksports Representing 🇬🇹 #Guate #contodo #Pablo⚙️ #nike #redbull #neverstop #hardworking #withoutlimit #runner

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18 – Queens Marathon bib pickup at Urban Athletics

19 – Queens Marathon bib pickup Queens Theatre

    Queens Marathon Shakeout Run! Friday Evening: Open to the Public!

20 – NYRR Run As One 4 Mile

    Queens Marathon Bib pickup at Modells at Queens center Mall and at Sac’s Pizza, Astoria

Queens Marathon Shakeout Run: Saturday Morning! Open to the Public

21 – The 2019 Queens Marathon- RRCA New York State Marathon Championships

24 – Popular Brooklyn Half confirmations sent out

27 – AOC Fun Run Astoria

    Power of a Woman Triathlon

    Allstate Hot Chocolate Brooklyn 15K/5K

28 –  NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10K


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Away we go! 📸: @horseandducksports

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    London Marathon

    New Jersey Marathon

    Big Sur Marathon

    Alley Pond Striders 5m

    Saint Luke’s Half and 5K

29 – Monday Morning Miles

   QDR Monday Evening Group Run: Central Park