Queens Marathon

The largest borough in NYC has its own Marathon and it’s coming to you on April 9th and November 20th, 2022!

Register Here to Run the 2022 Queens Marathon or QDR Half Marathon. 

In 2013, the Queens Distance Runners were established. It was the goal of our organization and club to establish a team that effectively represented the borough of Queens. A good deal of races take place in Central Park and Prospect Park. Week after week we bonded on rides on the 7 train to race centrals outside of Queens. As more gold singlets popped up, we found 34th Avenue, Queens Blvd, Woodhaven Blvd, and so many more streets in Queens flowing with runners.

Only one mile of the TCS New York City Marathon takes place in Queens, the largest borough in New York City and most ethnically diverse urban area on Earth.

The crown jewel park of Queens, Flushing Meadows Park, arguably represents the Queens Distance Runners and the borough of Queens. On a weekly basis, thousands of locals keep to themselves and engage in daily activities. Without any hills, it is home to several paths that encourage fast running. It’s becoming less of a secret that Flushing Meadows Park is host to several fun events at any given moment, on any given path. The greatness of these events is that they are organized by the locals. Soccer tournaments on the dirt, volleyball and “Ecua” volley, Dragonboat Festivals, concerts, bike rentals, Zumba sessions, and many more events give Flushing Meadows Park a diversity that is to be appreciated.

Enter the Queens Marathon. In 2016, a major stepping stone to the development of the Queens running community was realized through the birth of the Queens Marathon! Organized annually every Spring, the Queens Marathon is a looped course that we fully use to our advantage. We invite all running clubs, friends of Queens Distance, and the general public to take a patch of the course and support participants of the race. Runners have come around to the idea of our looped course, as they bond with the crowd and volunteers who come to remember the personality and determination of each runner.

The Boston Qualifying rate for the Queens Marathon has only gone up annually and was 15% in 2018.

One day, it is not only a dream but a goal to bring a full Queens Marathon to the streets.